Health & Safety

Firstly and most importantly you’ve made a good decision to use a condom!  The fact that it’s a Stiffy Club condom is an A Star decision. Why?  We only sell vegan friendly condoms that are British Standard Institute Kitemark Accredited condoms and all of our condoms are NHS Approved.
Our condoms are a mens regular fit which covers majority of sizes (although you may want to check your size). They’re designed to be fun but ultimately offering you protection, comfort & stimulation.

Maybe they’re not as comfortable as not wearing a condom. However, what’s not comfortable is herpes, so buy it, wear it and be proud of the fact that you are a responsible human being.

Stiffy Club supplies the most up to date, state of the art condom on the market. Our condoms feature a specially flared tip for extra comfort and easy-on fitting. No other condom feels as close or as comfortable with no latex smell or flavour, providing subtle yet powerful protection.

Standards Institute [BSI] Kite Mark and NHS Approved

As we said, StiffyClub Condoms are NHS Approved. The international standard ISO 4074 2014 stipulates that condoms should have a minimum burst pressure of 18 litres of air. StiffyClub condoms typically hold upto 35 litres of air. Don’t stress it, we take care of the pressure.

Stiffy condoms exceed ISO safety standards.

They are manufactured in regularly inspected factories and display both the CE and British Kite Mark. All our condoms meet the UK and European Standard ISO 4074 2014 requirements and carry the British Standard Kite Mark and CE European Conformity accreditation.
We guarantee the product not your performance.